The cult of Napoleon inspired art and iconography, weaponry and uniforms of exquisite design. Never in the history of warfare have armies looked so well presented as they did throughout the 19th Century. Our interest at Cella Antiques extends to all apects of this glorious period from militaria, prints, letters from the central characters, to curios.

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  • Napoleonic oil painting of a Captain of a Ship of the Line
  • Rare Pair of Plaques of Napoleon and Alexander I of Russia by Galle
  • Small cabinet bronze of Vendôme column
  • Large alabaster bust of Napoleon after Chaudet
  • English Naval Dirk
  • Rare alabaster library sculpture of Napoleon
  • Early Empire period Light Cavalry Superior Officer's sabre
  • Bronze bust of Napoleon stamped D.Dutot Jerome et Cie
  • Blomefield Table Naval Cannon
  • Cast iron table model of an early 19th Century Blomefield cannon
  • Bronze bust of Napoleon
  • Napoleon Monument
  • Early 19th Century Napoleon thermometer
  • 19thC French Hussar's Medusa head belt and buckle
  • Napoleonic Light Cavalry Senior Officer's sabre sword
  • Print of Napoleon as First Consul by Bartollozzi after Appiani
  • French Empire campaign inkwell
  • French political Restauration marble clock with Napoleon as Sulla