CA0910 French Napoleonic Foot Officer Sword Sabre

Rare French Napoleonic Foot Officer Sword Sabre, probably for the Garde de Consuls (later the Imperial Guard) in the style of Nicolas Boutet Sabres de Honneur. Possibly a presentation sword for a junior officer of the guard. Early example probably 1801-1804. Intact fish-skin and copper twist hilt. C shaped knuclebow with a large trumpet shaped quillon. Large double pointed langets and matching brass scabbard with laurel leaf decorated braclets. Blade with typical generic foliate and infantry etchings, very very faint vestiges of an earlier partial inscription that has been erased possibly after the Bourbon Restoration when references to the Imperial Guard were removed. Signed under the langets 'K&S a Solingen'. A rare early sword that would have seen action throughout the entire Napoleonic period.

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