CA0533 Important French Empire Fortune Teller Clock

Important, extremely rare and fine early 19th century French Empire period patinated and gilt ormolu bronze fortune teller clock. This clock is loaded with symbolic references to the classical cults of prophesy. The buttresses to the side and front are a reference to the Temple of Camenae in Rome (now the church of Sant'Urbano alla Caffarella). The Camenae were a group of prophetic water goddesses during the Roman period. The Egyptian references probably refer to Shai: the Egyptian mythological deification of the concept of fate and destiny. This is reinforced by the Egyptian cow masks of the celestial goddess Hathor patron of lovers and protector of women and the scarab beetles which represent the heavenly cycle of birth and rebirth. To the front there are two falcon headed hieracosphinx and a pharonic canopic jar. In the niche sits various potion jars coins and tarot cards. To the front a beautiful young woman stands with a purse of coins whilst the old woman reads her palm. Above, between two braziers, sits a monkey watching all that is going on below. Stunning and fascinating clock. One of only two I have ever seen. Eight day two train silk suspension, white dial face signed simply 'Le Roy' probably the most important clock making family of the period. Breguet moon hands. Beautifully cast and chased. A clock you can say with some degree of certainty that you will not see another. Paris, circa 1810.

H 51cm x W 36cm x D 18cm

Stock No.: CA0533.777
Price: £17,000

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