Welcome to Cella Antiques. Based in London, we are dealers in fine decorative antiques from the 18th and 19th century. We specialise in this era of enlightenment, neoclassicism and the grand tour, with its far reaching influence on style and taste in Britain, Continental Europe and beyond: elegance in the age of Napoleon. Our extensive stock covers all aspects of this period and decorative antiques influenced by the period. We constantly source new, beautiful items and upload to our site regularly. We are first and foremost antique collectors with over thirty years of experience; we only buy what we love and we hope you will too. We are here to help find that special piece and if you do not see what you are looking for please contact us and we will endeavour to source it for you, we love a challenge. All items can be viewed by appointment at our premises in Chelsea at a time convenient to you. Additional images can be supplied on request.

Substantial French Empire figural encrier
Large pair of Athenienne vide poches by Barbedienne
Unusual 19th Century trophy of arms candlesticks
Elegant mantel clock by Gaston Jolly
Grand Tour bronze of Ephebe the Lamp Bearer
Pair of neoclassical gilt plaques in faux tortoiseshell frames
Grand Tour bronze of Lorenzo di Piero de' Medici by Barbedienne.
Rare Grand Tour Bronze pairing of the Venus of Capua and Narcissus
Grand Tour bronze Lateran Obelisk
Pair of Regency patinated bronze pastille burners
Grand Tour alabaster model of Temple of Castor and Pollox
Athenienne candlestick in the manner of Thomas Hope
Extremely rare Grand Tour pair of the Trophies of Marius
Rare Grand Tour bronze model of the Temple of Sibyl at Tivoli
Grand Tour Serpentine marble tazza with lizard handles
Grand Tour bronze of Cronos on Siena marble
Rare French Empire source of the River Seine mantel clock
French Empire Retour d'Egypte column candlesticks
French Empire bronze and ormolu cachepot or jardinieres
Pair of English Regency gilt bronze and marble Neoclassical candlesticks
Grand Tour bronze of Perseus Triumphant after Canova
Rare pair of Grand Tour paintings of Maenads
Rare Grand Tour Silenus lamp stand
French Empire classical term fauteuil
Small Grand Tour Capriccio Oil Painting
Pair of Louis XV Rococo style candlesticks of mythological maidens
19th Century Bust of Napoleon after Chaudet in cast Iron
Early 19th Century pair of bronze busts of Rousseau and Voltaire
French Empire inkwell of Cupid in a barrel of grapes
Fine pair of French Empire candlesticks
Retour d'Egypte Horus paperweight on grey marble
French Restauration Marquise de Sévigné mantel clock
Pair of French Empire caryatid candlesticks
Lustres in form of lyres
Scale model of an 18th Century naval 12 pounder
Bronze Plaque of Napoleon
Model of late 18th Century bronze naval cannon
Small bronze statue of Napoleon by Barre
Grand Tour Marmo Rosso sarcophagus
Pair of French Empire gilt bronze candlesticks
Rare Glaive de l'Ecole de Mars
Ancient Egyptian faience funerary amulet of Anubis
Fine pair of early 19th Century French Empire candelabra
Rare and Important Pair of Grand Tour Alabaster Statues
Grand Tour black marble neoclassical tazza
Bronze model ‘L’Arc de Triomphe'
Grand Tour Italian alabaster neoclassical column bookends
Early sleeping putti paperweight in the manner of Duquesnoy
French Empire patinated Diana and Endymion candlesticks
Neoclassical Minton tile
Pair of Bronzes 'Jean Qui Rit & Jean Qui Pleure' after Houdon
Pair of early 19th C. bronze and Siena marble Medici urns
French Empire style Napoleon III glass and ormolu encrier
Empire 'Garde à Vous' ormolu and patinated bronze candelabra
19th Century French Empire style ormolu easel desk frame
Grand Tour white marble bust of the Capitoline Antinous
Rare pair of Breccia Medicea marble Neoclassical lidded urns
Rare French Empire Alexander the Great clock in rose gold
Grand Tour bronze Askos ewer
Pair of early 19th Century Empire bronze and rouge marble tazzas
Grand Tour Neapolitan bronze chamber stick
Bust of a young faun by Guglielmo Pugi
Grand Tour cabinet bronze of the Dancing Faun with Cymbals
Rare pair of Grand Tour serpentine marble Molossian Hounds
Fine pair of French Empire neoclassical candelabra
Grand Tour Alabaster Diana of Versailles
Large bronze model of the ‘Colonne de la Grande Armée’ in Paris
Ancient Egyptian faience funerary amulet of Sekhmet
French Napoleonic Foot Officer Sword Sabre
19th Century French Hussar's belt buckle and clasp
Napoleonic AnXI Versailles Infantry Briquet
French Empire mantel clock by Leroy
Grand Tour Discobolus on rosso levanto marble base
Pair of gilded Grand Tour oil lamps, after the antique
Pair of early 19th Century English Regency candlesticks
Early 19th century 'Le Baiser Donné' bronze after Houdon
Grand Tour Painting of Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, Venice
Grand Tour Painting of the Doge's Palace, Venice
Neoclassical English Regency figural candlesticks
French athenienne silver gilt candlesticks with rams' heads
Small Grand Tour model of the Fontana del Dioscuri
Empire inspired champagne ice bucket
French Empire Period 'La Liseuse' mantel clock
Rare Pair of French Empire 'Retour d'Egypte' Busts
Fine 18th century capriccio in the manner of Breenbergh
Substantial Grand Tour specimen marble column
Italian 18th century bacchanalian putti bronze
Large Carnelian agate box
French Empire chamber stick with snuffer
Grand Tour alabaster model of the Three Graces after Canova
Grand Tour serpentine marble grotesque mask oil lamp
Napoleonic bronze riding crop with interesting history
French mid 19thC. verdigris and patinated bronze Empire clock
French Empire ormolu hand held mirror
Rare pair of French Empire patinated bronze statues
Grand Tour bronze bust of Lucius Verus on red serpentine socle
Important 19th Century Russian icon
Pair of patinated bronze statues of Rousseau and Voltaire
Fine Grand Tour Tazza
Grand Tour micromosaic paperweight view of the Temple of Vespasian
French Empire mantel clock of Psyche loading Cupid's quiver
Grand Tour alabaster model of the Temple of Hercules Victor
Small Grand Tour bronze of the Dancing Faun
Grand Tour painting of Alexander the Great as Helios
Napoleonic oil painting of a Captain of a Ship of the Line
Louis XVI style cupid candlesticks
Decorative pair of neoclassical urns in alabastro a tartaruga
Grand Tour model of the Neapolitan fisherman fountain
Large alabaster bust of Napoleon after Chaudet
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