Welcome to Cella Antiques. Based in London, we are dealers in fine decorative antiques from the 18th and 19th century. We specialise in this era of enlightenment, neoclassicism and the grand tour, with its far reaching influence on style and taste in Britain, Continental Europe and beyond: elegance in the age of Napoleon. Our extensive stock covers all aspects of this period and decorative antiques influenced by the period. We constantly source new, beautiful items and upload to our site regularly. We are first and foremost antique collectors with over thirty years of experience; we only buy what we love and we hope you will too. We are here to help find that special piece and if you do not see what you are looking for please contact us and we will endeavour to source it for you, we love a challenge. All items can be viewed by appointment at our premises in Chelsea at a time convenient to you. Additional images can be supplied on request.

Large important marble portrait bust by Matthew Noble
Grand Tour marble Temple of Vespasian and Titus
Large official portrait of Napoleon after David
Fine architectural painted pine display column
Fine Grand Tour painting of the Palatine Hill in Rome
Grand Tour specimen marble sarcophagus inkwell
Louis XVI style oil lamp after a model by Simon-Louis Boizot
Unusual Regency Egyptian Revival candlestick
Grand Tour alabaster Temple of Hercules Victor
Grand Tour bronze of the Venus Callipyge signed Sommer
Large alabaster Rape of the Sabines after Giambologna
White marble bust of John Milton
Pair of patinated bronze Grand Tour classical warriors after David
Substantial bronze model of L'Arc de Triomphe
Grand Tour carved Serpentine Il Porcollino
Very rare Grand Tour bronze bust of the Roman Isis
Grand Tour bronze Borghese Gladiator
Grand Tour alabaster bust of Socrates
Rare French Consulate / Empire period Narcissus clock
Rare pair of Empire style Retour d'Egypte centrepieces
Pair of early 19th C. bronze and Siena marble tazzas
Grand Tour bust of the young Caracalla
Grand Tour Gallio Antico model of the Tomb of Scipio
Parthenon bookends by Bradley & Hubbard
Rare early Grand Tour bronze Belvedere Antinous
Substantial bronze of Ganymede with Jupiter's Eagle after Thorvaldsen
Fine pair of late French Empire candelabra
Rare kneeling bronze of Selene on stepped marble base
Grand Tour micromosaic paperweight of the Colosseum
Cabinet bronze of the Talleyrand Zeus
Ancient Egyptian Late Period bronze of Osiris
19th century Agate Palais Royale casket
Pair of Regency patinated bronze candlesticks
Fine pair of French Empire ormolu gilt bronze cassolettes
Rare large scale French Napoleonic battle épée sword
Grand Tour bronze bust of Julius Caesar on marble socle
Pair of Grand Tour bronze Furietti centaurs
Fine pair of French Empire brûle parfums
Rare Grand Tour bronze oil lamp on stand
Rare Grand Tour patinated bronze Phocas column
Grand Tour souvenir of The Capitoline Wolf
Grand Tour white marble relief portrait plaques of Caligula and Nero
Grand Tour patinated bronze library bust of Demosthenes
Rare French Directoire bronze of Paul et Virginie
Plaque of Napoleon in marble with reeded wooden frame
18th Century Louis XVI Amore Clock
Pair of Berlin Iron cabinet busts of Goethe and Schiller
Pair of French Empire classical putti candlesticks
Important 18th Century Grand Tour marble bust of Lysimachus
Rare pair of Grand Tour bronzes of Hermes and the Sleeping Faun
French Directiore Period marble mantel clock
Highly decorative large scale classical bronze ewer after Clodion
Interesting pair of patinated bronze statues of Rousseau and Voltaire
Pair of Egyptian Revival bronzed sphinx candlesticks
Grand Tour Rosso Antico marble Flaminio Obelisk
Grand Tour Furietti Centaur on Rosso di Verona marble
Grand Tour Amore con Delfino in bronze on a serpentine base
Pair of 19th Century bronze harvest cherubs after Clodion
Small Grand Tour bronze and marble souvenir of faun with wineskin
Grand Tour oil lamp after the antique
Small Grand Tour bronze souvenir of the Temple of Vespasian
Rare 18th Century Grand Tour marble plaque of Augustus
Fine pair of elegant early 19th Century swan handle tazzas
Grand Tour model of the Arch of Constantine
Grand Tour alabaster model of the Temple of Hercules Victor
19th Century Grand Tour marble Psyche of Capua
Ancient Egyptian amulet of Isis
Grand Tour 18th Century marble relief plaque of the Capitoline Venus
Large patinated and gilt bronze classical French Empire portico clock
Unusual Pair of Neo Pompeian candlesticks after the antique
French Empire Neoclassical caryatid gilt bronze candlesticks
Magnificent 'Au Bon Sauvage' Africa mantel clock
Grand Tour bronze bust of Lysimachus
Rare French Empire 'La Paix' mantel clock
Grand Tour Neopolitan Narcissus
Small Grand Tour bronze of Augustus of Prima Porta
Grand Tour Tomb of Scipio Inkwell
Grand Tour Micro mosaic paperweight of St Peters
Early French Empire portico mantel clock by Morize
French Empire classical putti candlestick
Small Grand Tour Bronze Bust of Demosthenes
Grand Tour Sienna Marble Labrum
Rare Pair of Grand Tour figures of Cronus and Phanes
Small Grand Tour bronze Phocas Column
Pair of French Empire putti floral candlesticks
Patinated bronze 'L'Amour Menaçant' campaign inkwell
Pair of small French Empire campaign candlesticks
Late 19th Century Renaissance style Triton candlesticks
4th Century BC Etruscan antefix of a satyr
Fine French Empire wedding blessing mantel clock
Very unusual Rococo 'Au Bon Sauvage' lustre candlesticks
Pair 19th Century plaques of Napoleon and Josephine
Large gilt bronze Louis XVI style chenets
Rare Pair of Grand Tour oil lamp candelabra
Late 18thC Directoire marble mantel clock by Gaspard Cachard
Grand Tour bronze of Moses after Michelangelo
French Empire campaign inkwell of Amore at the altar of a fallen warrior
French Hussar's belt with Medusa head buckle
Pair of neoclassical gilt plaques in faux tortoiseshell frames
Rare Grand Tour bronze pairing of the Venus of Capua and Narcissus
Rare Grand Tour bronze model of the Temple of Sibyl at Tivoli
Grand Tour Serpentine marble tazza with lizard handles
Rare French Empire source of the River Seine mantel clock
Pair of English Regency gilt bronze and marble Neoclassical candlesticks
Rare pair of Grand Tour paintings of Maenads
Rare Grand Tour Silenus lamp stand
French Empire classical term fauteuil
Small Grand Tour Capriccio oil painting
Early 19th Century pair of bronze busts of Rousseau and Voltaire
French Empire inkwell of Cupid in a barrel of grapes
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