Pen and ink drawing of the Temple of Hathor Aphrodite on Philae by Frederic Pape

Beautiful, highly detailed pen and ink drawing of the small Ptolemaic Temple of Hathor Aphrodite on Philae Island by the American artist Frederic (Eric) Pape. Pape enjoyed a rapid rise to fame when in 1890, he traveled to Egypt where he lived and worked for two years. For nine months he lived beside the Great Pyramids and Sphinx extensively studying and drawing the ancient monuments. He travelled down the Nile River drawing and recording the monuments and temples. His works were exhibited in Paris; in Egypt at the Exposition du Caire; and in Chicago at the 1893 Exposition. Signed Frederic Pape and dated September 31 1891.

H 40.5cm x W 53.5cm


Stock No.: CA0436.892

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