Here at Cella Antiques we offer a small, but eclectic, mix of antique paintings and prints inspired by the Grand Tour, neoclassical works of art and classical history to grace your walls. 

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  • 19th century oil sketch on panel of Coriolanus at the walls of Rome
  • A fine pair of prints from the Triumphs of Alexander by Le Brun
  • Pair of hand coloured constellation maps of the Northern night sky
  • Important late 19th century French portrait painting
  • Day and night pair of Neapolitan watercolours of Vesuvius erupting
  • Large Neoclassical still life oil painting of the Medici Venus
  • Fine quality large signed mezzotint of Duchess of Devonshire
  • Mezzotint of Mrs Susan Ghyll by Norman Hirst after John Hoppner
  • Fine quality large mezzotint of Elizabeth and Mary Linley after Gainsborough
  • Fine quality large mezzotint of a painting of an important 18th Century lady
  • Large official portrait of Napoleon after David
  • Fine Grand Tour painting of the Palatine Hill in Rome
  • Small Grand Tour Capriccio oil painting
  • Rare pair of Grand Tour paintings of Maenads
  • Fine 18th Century capriccio in the manner of Breenbergh
  • Grand Tour Painting of the Doge's Palace, Venice
  • Important 19th Century Russian icon
  • Grand Tour painting of Alexander the Great as Helios
  • Napoleonic oil painting of a Captain of a Ship of the Line
  • Grand Tour painting of the Blue Grotto, Capri
  • Grand Tour aquatint of the Arch of Constantine
  • 18th Century print from the story of Judith and Holofernes